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Yellow Cat Personal Defense specializes in providing self defense instruction to everybody from novices wishing to learn personal defense all the way to teachers looking to increase their knowledge and skills.  We offer Concierge Service.  Instruction can take place in a classroom setting (additional fees may apply if I have to rent a venue), in your home or in mine (discount applies). Additional fees may apply if travel to your location is greater than 25 miles from Sandy, UT.

Our Motto: Yellow Cat Personal Defense is committed to offering the highest quality personal protection instruction for a modest price. Financial difficulties should never be an obstacle to obtaining personal defense training.
Prior to class, you'll need to visit the BCI website and download the required course text materials and application.  An electronic copy on a flash drive is okay, you do not need to print out the 52 pages.

NRA Basic Pistol
Course Fee: $80 + Range Fee

NRA Basic Rifle
Course Fee: $80 + Range Fee

NRA Personal Protection In The Home
Course Fee: $120 + Range Fee

Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course
Course Length: 4 hours
Course Fee: $40

Wisconsin Concealed Weapons License DOJ Course
Course Length: 4 hours
WI Residents Only and taught back-to-back with the UT CFP Course.
Course Fee: $40

Classes held at my home in Sandy, UT are automatically discounted $5 per person plus you may qualify for an additional discount:

NRA Membership: $10 discount
Veteran (non-combat): $ 10 discount
Veteran (Combat): $15 discount + NRA discount if appliable)
Disabled American Vet: $20 discount
Veteran with the Military Order of the Purple Heart: $20 discount
Veteran with the Bronze or Silver Star: $ 25 discount
Veteran with Military Order of the Purple Heart + Bronze or Silver Star: $30 discount
Medal of Honor (FREE + I pay the student $25 for the honor of teaching the course)
Victim of sexual assault: $20 discount
Victim of Domestic Violence: $15 discount
Groups of 5 or more: $10 per person discount
Teacher in UT: $15 per person discount if for a group of 5 or more.

WI DOJ Courses taught in WI will be taught back-to-back with the UT CFP Course:
WI Carry Member: $15 discount
WI Carry Member + NRA Member: $20 discount

Other Considerations: On a case-by-case basis
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