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I just wanted to take a second and write to you about the quality, value, and over all excellence of your class. I took the class for Utah and Wisconsin, and I cant sing my praises enough. Not only did I learn more than expected, but I felt appreciated as a student, and walked out feeling like I had made a few new friends. Yellow cat taught us step by step all of the specific laws, how to handle situations, and how to ensure our safety. This is in my mind the premier class in our state, and im sure it is as well in every state he teaches in. Even if you already have your permits, you will benifit from taking this class, and I myself am planning to take it again as a nice refresher. Especially at the cost, we cant possibly learn these specifics well enough.

Richard Colondro
Milwaukee WI
I took the UTAH Permit Class in Wisconsin which Mr McCarthy traveled to and I was VERY impressed with him as a person and an instructor. He was very patient when questions needed answering or clarification needed. For the entire presentation he kept me engaged.

I printed out and followed the Utah requirement and everything was covered as per the download. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience regarding laws in Utah and firearm safety. I am a semi-retired person and my income is very limited. The cost of the class was incredibly low and always look at low costs with a suspicious eye. He is more dedicated to training firearm owners the correct way over making tons of profit from what is a cash cow in Wisconsin since concealed carry passed here.

If you do not use this instructor you are not getting the best return on your investment in your right to self preservation. Thank you Jim!! You are the one!!
Chip Van Meter
Having never taken any type of firearm course in the past, I pictured a dry collegiate type lecture. Jim kept the class interesting, on topic and even entertaining. He maintained a high level of professionalism with out being snobbish. I would strongly recommend any of his courses. I look forward to more of his expertise in the future.

Curt Evers
I’m a fifty five year old ARMY Veteran who lives in Wisconsin. I belong to several national organizations, as well as, local ones that have worked for, and regained the right to go armed. I owned my first center fire weapon in 1968, earned an expert medal for marksmanship in the military. I know what I’m doing with firearms, and know enough to know, that I don’t know it all. I hold a Wisconsin conceal carry license, and needed further reciprocity.

Yellow Cat had come highly recommended by the carry community, so I looked into it. I can say I was more than pleasantly surprised by the price of the training package, more cautious than surprised. I continued to look into Yellow Cat, and the accolades finally sold me.

I can say first hand that the man who walked through the class, and engaging the students, was more than an instructor. The Cat is a man that has consumed life. He has learned from the good, and the bad, and injects it into his students. His knowledge of the law, case law, firearms, and the safe; as well as, defensive use of them is beyond reproach. I have learned from the best in my past, and now again, certainly got my dimes worth.

Thank you Cat,

Dennis Hamm
Union Grove, WI.
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